Someday I will feel pretty again…

are the words I said to my husband a couple of nights ago before I went to bed.  This week has been a long one.  First Miss M had pink eye plus a hacking cough that makes her sound like she smokes a pack a day.  Then C has a runny nose that is like a non stop faucet and screams every time you even go for a kleenex to wipe her face.  Finally after Miss M’s pink eye was all better, guess who got it next?  Yep, the queen.  Whippee!  I was being so extra careful in washing my hands, even to the point of being OCD and then, when her eyes seemed to be getting better…Wham!  It got me.  Of course, I have been fighting a cold the entire month of March it seems.  So it was a probably a combination of factors.  I tried to use M’s eye drops for the evening to see if it would help.  My eye was so swollen and red the following morning I worried that I had actually made it worse!  I hadn’t, but it motivated me enough to go to the doctor to get my own drops.  When I compared the two drops, mine had 10% compared to M’s 3% solution.  No wonder it didn’t make any difference.

So there I was applying my eye drops, putting on the Vicks Vapor Rub and not feeling so pretty.  Oh well. Hope springs eternal and so our good health will return…soon…I hope?

For your Friday viewing pleasure and to start the weekend on a happy note…the musical stylings of M & C!

Sick Day

Last night, M started to complain about her left eye hurting her.  I went to check and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary so I told her to put a wet washcloth on it to see if that would help.  Well, a half an hour later it was still bugging her.  I went to check again and saw puss in her eye.  Sure enough she had the tell tale sign of pink eye.  Yuck.  I was lucky enough to get her into our doctor and get the prescription for eye drops.  I was able to get a couple drops in each eye last night and a couple more in her this morning.  Side note: to get eye drops into your little ones eyes quickly and painlessly, have them lay on their back with their eyes closed.  With their eyes close, administer the drops into the corner of each eye.  Then have them blink several times.  This works every time and a tip I learned from fellow parents.

So today is a sick day.  We are a runny noses, sleepy, generally crabby bunch of girls.  Yep, M, C and even I all have colds.  I thought I would post the following video to cheer us up and hopefully put a smile on your face.  It was taken using Photo Booth last Friday night when the girls were home alone with daddy.
While the cat’s away, the mice will play…

Friday Laugh

A couple of days ago, the girls, as usual, had gone up to Miss M’s room after lunch.  They miss each other after M has been at school all morning so I just let them be.  At some point M usually calls for me to get Little C out of her room so that she (M) can have some “alone time.”  In other words, M has grown tired of little sister touching her stuff.

Well, on this particular day the girls were playing a little too long with no one calling for me, so I went to check.  When I came upon Miss M’s room, I first noticed the door was closed.  Then I opened the door and this is what I saw:
You never know what you are going to find behind closed doors around here.

Things I am not grateful for

So since it is the season to be thankful, I thought I would be contrarian and list the things I am not grateful for…
  • cancer of any kind
  • drugs that destroy not just yourself but those that you love and that love you
  • people that are crabby and take it out on the innocent
  • traffic that is stopped for no good reason
  • bad tv shows that stay on the air for longer than necessary
  • clothes, etc that try to make my 6 year old look like a 16 year old
  • cheaply made toys that are not cheap in cost
  • family and friends that leave your life way too early
But, then I am reminded of this…
and all is good and right in the world.

Baby C talking and talking and….

Hope that gave you a smile on a Tuesday!

Miss M’s Recipes

Lately Miss M has taken to creating “recipes.”  She creates them by going into the cupboards and taking items out and writing down their names on a piece of paper.  Some creative creations have involved chocolate chips, eggs, maple syrup and hellmann’s mayonnaise.  Yum.  She is really showing some pre-reading skills and is loving to practice writing.  In fact, today she made Baby C an Alphabet book where in she wrote the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper that she had folded into a “book.”  It is so neat to see her develop these skills.  We are excited for the day when the wheels will click and she will be reading.  Once she does, watch out!
Here’s video that Miss M had me film of her today talking about one of her recipes.  It is a rough cut but you get the general idea.  So introducing the future cooking star…

M’s recipe from Jamie Kelly on Vimeo.