Thanksgiving Leftovers

Last Wednesday, we drove the usual five hour trek to southern Illinois to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with J’s side of the family.  We had clear weather with just a couple of hiccups due to bridge construction.  The whole family was able to spend Thanksgiving together.  It was especially wonderful due to the fact that J’s brother had just recently returned from a six months overseas deployment.  So much to be thankful for.  Here are some highlights:

Making up their own virtual worlds
Cousin Love (they are 21 months apart)
Horsin’ Around (they are 9 months apart)
The Newest Cousin to Love (She and C are 22 months apart)
As you can see fun abounded and overflowed.  After the cousins left to visit their other grandparents, we went to an Indian Art Show / Market Days at Cahokia Mounds.  Both MaGa and Pop (the girls’ grandparents) have (and continue to) conducted archaeological digs there.  I love how the girls are so comfortable there and already have a sense and appreciation of history.
How was your holiday?

Count Your Blessings

From Our Family to Yours…
Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Thankful For: Free Thanksgiving Printables

Below are some goodies that I have found across the interwebs.  Print them out to decorate your home, entertain your kiddos and generally celebrate your blessings.

Today’s Fabulous Finds: Thanksgiving Subway Art

ThirtyHandmadeDays: Thanksgiving Placement for kids– (cover it with contact paper)
Anything But Perfect: Coloring Page and More!
Homespun With Love: Gratitude Cards (I am thankful for..)
Kiki Creates: Mr. & Mrs. Turkey Potato Head (with tons of fun outfits, etc!)

Thanksgiving Roundup

This Thanksgiving, as usual, we traveled to good ole Southern Illinois to visit with J’s side of the family.  We enjoyed wonderful food prepared by MaGa (the girl’s grandma) and also had a s’more or two by the roaring fire.  While it was a bit chilly, we were able to get out a bit and go to the Science Center on Saturday.  After that we ate at a greek restaurant in St. Louis with Pop (the girl’s grandpa) and the awesome Aunt Amanda (J’s sis).  Yum!  Here are some pictures from the weekend of fun:

eating breakfast in their grandparent’s bed while watching some cartoons

Miss M taking down some notes on nature in the woods behind MaGa’s house

starting her early…

C riding the rocking horse that her great-grandpa made many moons ago
So despite the loooooooong car ride and especially the last hour of said lonnnnnnnng car ride whereas a little toddler has had enough and wants out NOW and a big sister who thinks shushing her baby sister quite loudly will help anything and a mother that is trying to read her book and a father that is trying to drive…
we had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday.  How about you?

Thanks to them…

I have everything I need.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I am not grateful for

So since it is the season to be thankful, I thought I would be contrarian and list the things I am not grateful for…
  • cancer of any kind
  • drugs that destroy not just yourself but those that you love and that love you
  • people that are crabby and take it out on the innocent
  • traffic that is stopped for no good reason
  • bad tv shows that stay on the air for longer than necessary
  • clothes, etc that try to make my 6 year old look like a 16 year old
  • cheaply made toys that are not cheap in cost
  • family and friends that leave your life way too early
But, then I am reminded of this…
and all is good and right in the world.