Operation Wrap-It! Free Holiday Tag Printables

I am not what you would call a pretty wrapper.  I mostly just wrap it, stick a tag on it and if I am feeling extra special, put a pre-made bow on it.  I always figure that what really matters is what is inside.

But sometimes I aspire to be more.  To do more.  I think an easy and quick way to put a tiny bit more thought into my wrapping would be to make a pretty tag to place on the package.  Thankfully there is pinterest to help me when I feel a bit motivated.  There a ton of free holiday gift tags out there.  Below are just a few (plus some packaging suggestions) that I found.

Now get a rappin’!  Oh wait, I meant wrappin’.

For the Teen/Rocker in your life.
A Bag full of Treats for a Friendly Neighbor
A Wintry Mix of Holiday Tags
Christmas Treat Bag Toppers
Colorful Mix of Christmas/Hanukkah Tags
We can’t forget those Reindeer, Can We?

Be Thankful For: Free Thanksgiving Printables

Below are some goodies that I have found across the interwebs.  Print them out to decorate your home, entertain your kiddos and generally celebrate your blessings.

Today’s Fabulous Finds: Thanksgiving Subway Art

ThirtyHandmadeDays: Thanksgiving Placement for kids– (cover it with contact paper)
Anything But Perfect: Coloring Page and More!
Homespun With Love: Gratitude Cards (I am thankful for..)
Kiki Creates: Mr. & Mrs. Turkey Potato Head (with tons of fun outfits, etc!)

Wait! I have that! I can make it now!

This past week was pretty exciting in our household but not because Miss M. finally became a first grader.  No, the real reason is because I was able to not once, but twice make a recipe with items I had on hand.  There was absolutely no pre-planning.

First up, sloppy joes.  I usually make my mother-in-law’s recipe which is awesome and tasty but realized too late that I didn’t have a required ingredient (dijon mustard).  Enter pinterest.  I entered “sloppy joes” into their search engjne and this is what appeared:

A lovely and tasty sloppy joe recipe that did not require mustard.  The best part is that I had all the things that it did require!  Win!  Click on the picture for the recipe.
Next up, cookies.  On Sunday, Miss M and family were invited to a picnic and there was to be a cake walk.  In order to participate you were asked to bring a baked good.  I had some yellow cake mix and some chocolate chips.  Pinterest yet again saved the day and Cake Batter Cookies were found: 
Click on picture for recipe.  They were so tasty that the extras that I laid out for the community potluck were gone in a matter of minutes!  The best part?  One lady almost accosted me for the recipe!
Success in the kitchen times two with the help of my secret weapon, Pinterest.
Feel free to email me if you would like an invite to join Pinterest.

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