Operation Wrap-It! Free Holiday Tag Printables

I am not what you would call a pretty wrapper.  I mostly just wrap it, stick a tag on it and if I am feeling extra special, put a pre-made bow on it.  I always figure that what really matters is what is inside.

But sometimes I aspire to be more.  To do more.  I think an easy and quick way to put a tiny bit more thought into my wrapping would be to make a pretty tag to place on the package.  Thankfully there is pinterest to help me when I feel a bit motivated.  There a ton of free holiday gift tags out there.  Below are just a few (plus some packaging suggestions) that I found.

Now get a rappin’!  Oh wait, I meant wrappin’.

For the Teen/Rocker in your life.
A Bag full of Treats for a Friendly Neighbor
A Wintry Mix of Holiday Tags
Christmas Treat Bag Toppers
Colorful Mix of Christmas/Hanukkah Tags
We can’t forget those Reindeer, Can We?

All Hands On Deck

Send a Lego Star Wars Holiday E-Card for Free!

Lego Star Wars is working with the Marine Toys for Tots in a great Christmas promotion.  Go to Lego Star Wars and choose one of the three Lego movie e-cards to send to your friend.  For every e-card you send out, a LEGO toy will be donated to the Toys for Tots program, up to ONE Million toys!  As of this writing, already 331,725 toys have been donated!

What are you waiting for?  It is totally free and will put a smile on that Star Wars fan in your life.  Plus you get to see Yoda in a Santa suit.  Need I say more?!?  Check it out here!

Full Disclosure: No one told me to write this.  I saw it on SwagGrabber and shared it with Miss M and now I have shared it with you!