The Birthday Queen (a day early)

To my beloved sister.
She is awesome.
She is strong.
She is joy.
Happy Birthday!

Ow! My Head!

Friday Laugh

A couple of days ago, the girls, as usual, had gone up to Miss M’s room after lunch.  They miss each other after M has been at school all morning so I just let them be.  At some point M usually calls for me to get Little C out of her room so that she (M) can have some “alone time.”  In other words, M has grown tired of little sister touching her stuff.

Well, on this particular day the girls were playing a little too long with no one calling for me, so I went to check.  When I came upon Miss M’s room, I first noticed the door was closed.  Then I opened the door and this is what I saw:
You never know what you are going to find behind closed doors around here.

Where you might see a packing envelope laying in the trash…

We see our future crowns.

It’s the Birthday Queen’s Birthday!

No, that is not me.  It is my awesome sister, Mimi.  Today is her birthday!  She is THE birthday queen.  So I wanted to dedicate my little corner of the internets to her today.  She is my big sister and I love her sooooo much.  She is an awesome woman, friend, sister, daughter, wife, and especially, mother!  
Side note: I was given my name by my sister.  She is 9 1/2 years older than me and my parents had decided to let her name me if I was a girl.  I am so thankful I turned out to be a girl, because if I was a boy they were going to let my then 7 year old brother name me….it wouldn’t have been pretty.  Love ya, Mim!

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Me and C by Miss M

C loves to hug me!  I don’t know why, but she is cute!  And she is the best baby sister that I have ever had. Babies are cute.  Babies can bite, but my baby sister is so strong!  She looks small but she is strong.  Because I really don’t know why she is so strong but that is probably the way she is made. 
Today I went to Waterford.  Waterford is a computer lab where people go on computers.  We go on certain days.  I’ll tell you how to get there.  You go out my classroom and then you go through the hallway, you go past the principal’s office and then another hallway and then you see an open door and that is the computer lab.  There are a lot of computers there.  We go straight and then we take a turn and then we see our computers.  If you see another door open in the computer lab, that is the library.  That is kind of a shortcut.  If you go through the library, I picked out a book there on Monday because that is my day to go to the library.  I found a book in the M section because the letter starts with my name and I found a Star Wars book!  It was so cool that I had to show my daddy.  Inside it it has Darth Vader, Princess Leia, the droids and in one part it shows Darth Vader shouting “Take Her Away!”  and that’s it.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6]

I Love My Baby Sister by Miss M

I love my baby sister because she is so cute!  I like her because she is the cutest baby ever except when she has a really runny nose.  It is so like so I say “Yuck!” when she has a runny nose.  I don’t really like when her nose is all stuffed up.  Once I told my teacher, Mrs. Sombeck, that when I was trying to pick up my baby sister she wiped her nose on my shirt!  It was the grossest thing ever!  I showed my teacher and she laughed.  It looked weird when I looked at it.  It was so weird that I had to tell her assistant, Mrs. K.  And it was like the best day at school because I have two girls at my table and two boys, Brody and Yousef.  Brody sits across from me and Yousef sits across from the other girl that I don’t remember her name.  Sometimes people get moved to yellow but the only person who got moved to yellow is my friend, K.J.

Somethings are weird at school.  Like last Friday when I was a cat for Halloween and my baby sister was a pumpkin.  And at our party I still was a cat.  And both my teacher and Mrs. K were both Cat in the Hat!
And that’s all.  Thank you!  Bye Bye!  Boo! Ha Ha!

[Dictated by Miss M (age 6) to AEK]

Baby C Running…

….From her big sister’s taunts.
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