Me and C by Miss M

C loves to hug me!  I don’t know why, but she is cute!  And she is the best baby sister that I have ever had. Babies are cute.  Babies can bite, but my baby sister is so strong!  She looks small but she is strong.  Because I really don’t know why she is so strong but that is probably the way she is made. 
Today I went to Waterford.  Waterford is a computer lab where people go on computers.  We go on certain days.  I’ll tell you how to get there.  You go out my classroom and then you go through the hallway, you go past the principal’s office and then another hallway and then you see an open door and that is the computer lab.  There are a lot of computers there.  We go straight and then we take a turn and then we see our computers.  If you see another door open in the computer lab, that is the library.  That is kind of a shortcut.  If you go through the library, I picked out a book there on Monday because that is my day to go to the library.  I found a book in the M section because the letter starts with my name and I found a Star Wars book!  It was so cool that I had to show my daddy.  Inside it it has Darth Vader, Princess Leia, the droids and in one part it shows Darth Vader shouting “Take Her Away!”  and that’s it.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6]


  1. ‘The power be with you’ Star Wars!
    So adorable!!


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