First Day and Last Day by Miss M

A couple months ago it was my last day of school.  And I also next week I am going on a big trip to South Carolina.  In August I am going to start first grade.  And that’s not all because I’m going to lots of hotels.  I will see pools and hot tubs and I will go in there in the hotel.  And I will probably see my Mumie (great-grandmother).  And see my cousins.  And also I will do lots and lots of things but there are hundreds of things to do.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M- age 6 1/2]

C and Tommy by Miss M

C loves Tommy.  C has a boyfriend named Tommy.  She plays with him.  Tommy is 1.  His birthday is in September.  Tommy has a big sister.  She is 3.  And in kindergarten, Tommy has a older brother.  His name is Sam.  Sam is a part of the boy’s team and I am too.  I am the only girl in the club.  I also have a friend named Brodey.  I am Brodey’s helper.  He is the boss of all the boys and I am his helper.

i sit at brodey’s table.  I also sit with Yusef and Athena.  And Yusef is also a part of the boy’s team.  Brodey has a lot of helpers and my friend Chase is a part of the boy’s team too.  He also has a twin sister named Skyler.  And i have to go now.

bye bye.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6 1/2]

x and r by Miss M

a and b love to play in the park.  They see a lot of other alphabet friends.  They like to play with m, r, o, s, t.  They also to play all day long until their mommies a and b and m tell them to go inside.  But o never has to go inside.  He just likes to sit, sit and sit!  

The next morning, a, b, and c wanted to go outside but their mommies said they couldn’t go outside because you have class today.

[Dictated to AEK from Miss M]

me and g by Miss M

a and c loved to joke with m.  m loved to play on the playground but she also liked to play with diapers with her baby sister m. v said you like d? g said yes i like d.

[typed by Miss M with a little help from AEK]

A and B’s Special Day by Miss M

one time in abc love  was cute and m  loved 4  asked m would you like to go to school today?
m said  yes. 
the end
by miss m

[written entirely by Miss M w/a little spelling help by mom]

How I love birthday parties by Miss M

We are going to a birthday party right now, in a couple of minutes.  I just have a quick thing to say.  We are going to have lots of lots of fun at the birthday party.  The birthday party is going to be fun.  It’s for my cousin, Kendall.  We will probably eat cake and talk and watch tv and lots of stuff.  And I will have lots of fun till the end.  Well, I don’t have much time so see you later.
Bye, Bye!
moo to you   love mmk.
wow  you  are  a   star.
a said to  y  you  are so  far  away.

(Last three lines typed by M)
[The rest dictated to AEK]

How Much Snow We Got by Miss M

How much snow we got was about 40 feet.  It was a lot of snow!  I went sledding.  You should’ve seen our front lawn.  It was so so cool to see lots of snow!  I love lots of snow and I made a snow angel too.  When I got inside, C was watching Elmo.  I drank lots of hot chocolate with maybe 5 or 7 marshmallows.  

The snow is starting to melt now at our place.  We got lots of areas that are empty of snow.  That’s it.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M – age 6]
[Editor’s note: we did not get 40 feet of snow, but it was a lot!]

How I love to play in the snow by Miss M

I love to play in the snow because it is so fun!  On the weekend, I spent time with my daddy and go outside and I made snow angels and sometimes I do sledding and sometimes I get hot chocolate!  I also love my baby sister!  She is so cool.  And she loves to go on my bed.

My best friend at school is Brodey.  I like to play with him.  I also like to play with the boys.  At art, I get to free draw after I am done with my art project.  We usually sign things to go to birthday parties.  And I also like to play with my friend Brian and Abby and Beth.  Abby and Beth are twins.  And Skyler and Chase are twins.  

That’s it.
[Dictated to AEK by Miss M – age 6]

My 100 Days of School by Miss M

It is the 100 day of school, which was yesterday.  What we did was: have a parade and I got to see all of the other kids posters.  We went to see the first graders and the fifth graders.  Well before the fifth graders, we saw the second and then third and then the fourth grade and then the fifth grade. We didn’t get to see the sixth grade because we didn’t want to walk that far.  Before I went to do the parade, we made necklaces with painted noodles that we strung on a thread and then we tied it around our necks.  We made the hats by picking out a piece of paper and then I taped it all together and decorated it.  And then Mr. Purdom (our principal) came to read us the book StinkyFace. That is all.

one cool mom and one cool dad <----typed by Miss M

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M (age 6)]

Being Cool is Fun! by Miss M

I like to be cool!  It is fun being cool.  Because you get to wear all the cool stuff like Star Wars and Princess and Barbie.  And you get to wear a fancy hat like in the picture.  And you get to wear fancy lipstick even though I don’t get to.  It is so so fun to be cool!  You get to wear cool shirts with Star Wars and Princess Leah and fancy shirts with flowers and letters like O, I, M and U.  I love my alphabet too.  You have to be cool to learn your alphabet.  But the coolest letter is M.  I love dogs because they are so cute!  If you like dogs, put a yes or if you are allergic put a no or if you don’t like them, put I don’t like them in the comments.  If you don’t want to, then that is fine.

I am going to go to a baby shower tomorrow.  We will play games and eat lots of yummy food.  We made deviled eggs with my grandma. 

And remember, always be cool!

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6]