C and Tommy by Miss M

C loves Tommy.  C has a boyfriend named Tommy.  She plays with him.  Tommy is 1.  His birthday is in September.  Tommy has a big sister.  She is 3.  And in kindergarten, Tommy has a older brother.  His name is Sam.  Sam is a part of the boy’s team and I am too.  I am the only girl in the club.  I also have a friend named Brodey.  I am Brodey’s helper.  He is the boss of all the boys and I am his helper.

i sit at brodey’s table.  I also sit with Yusef and Athena.  And Yusef is also a part of the boy’s team.  Brodey has a lot of helpers and my friend Chase is a part of the boy’s team too.  He also has a twin sister named Skyler.  And i have to go now.

bye bye.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6 1/2]

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