C and Tommy by Miss M

C loves Tommy.  C has a boyfriend named Tommy.  She plays with him.  Tommy is 1.  His birthday is in September.  Tommy has a big sister.  She is 3.  And in kindergarten, Tommy has a older brother.  His name is Sam.  Sam is a part of the boy’s team and I am too.  I am the only girl in the club.  I also have a friend named Brodey.  I am Brodey’s helper.  He is the boss of all the boys and I am his helper.

i sit at brodey’s table.  I also sit with Yusef and Athena.  And Yusef is also a part of the boy’s team.  Brodey has a lot of helpers and my friend Chase is a part of the boy’s team too.  He also has a twin sister named Skyler.  And i have to go now.

bye bye.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6 1/2]

My 100 Days of School by Miss M

It is the 100 day of school, which was yesterday.  What we did was: have a parade and I got to see all of the other kids posters.  We went to see the first graders and the fifth graders.  Well before the fifth graders, we saw the second and then third and then the fourth grade and then the fifth grade. We didn’t get to see the sixth grade because we didn’t want to walk that far.  Before I went to do the parade, we made necklaces with painted noodles that we strung on a thread and then we tied it around our necks.  We made the hats by picking out a piece of paper and then I taped it all together and decorated it.  And then Mr. Purdom (our principal) came to read us the book StinkyFace. That is all.

one cool mom and one cool dad <----typed by Miss M

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M (age 6)]

100 Days!

Yesterday, Miss M celebrated 100 days of being a kindergartner!
Little C had to get in the action too, of course!

I Love Kindergarten! by Miss M

My sister is cool.  She cries all day like in the morning and the afternoon.  I love my sister as cute as a tune!  She is the best girl I know.  What she does every day is just play, play, play the things that she loves.  All she loves is just doing fun things.  She is a wonderful baby.  That is because she is my best, best, best sister!

I love my school.  I go everyday.  I am in the morning kindergarten.  My teacher’s name is Mrs. Sombeck.  Sometimes we get moved to yellow or red but we want to stay on green! I have always been on green.  I am five.  I have gym class with Mrs. Shoey.  We like to do things that are kinda silly.  Some days we go to art class.  My teacher is Mr. Bolognio.  I also have library.  At library, we go in a castle.  We don’t get to check out books but I am sure later we will!  I have a very best friend.  Her name is Hettie.  We like to play all day long.  Sometimes we do stations, which I love.  I like drawing, library and kitchen stations.  I also do sometimes just my work and sometimes we go out to the playground.  And that is all.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M]