My 100 Days of School by Miss M

It is the 100 day of school, which was yesterday.  What we did was: have a parade and I got to see all of the other kids posters.  We went to see the first graders and the fifth graders.  Well before the fifth graders, we saw the second and then third and then the fourth grade and then the fifth grade. We didn’t get to see the sixth grade because we didn’t want to walk that far.  Before I went to do the parade, we made necklaces with painted noodles that we strung on a thread and then we tied it around our necks.  We made the hats by picking out a piece of paper and then I taped it all together and decorated it.  And then Mr. Purdom (our principal) came to read us the book StinkyFace. That is all.

one cool mom and one cool dad <----typed by Miss M

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M (age 6)]

Being Cool is Fun! by Miss M

I like to be cool!  It is fun being cool.  Because you get to wear all the cool stuff like Star Wars and Princess and Barbie.  And you get to wear a fancy hat like in the picture.  And you get to wear fancy lipstick even though I don’t get to.  It is so so fun to be cool!  You get to wear cool shirts with Star Wars and Princess Leah and fancy shirts with flowers and letters like O, I, M and U.  I love my alphabet too.  You have to be cool to learn your alphabet.  But the coolest letter is M.  I love dogs because they are so cute!  If you like dogs, put a yes or if you are allergic put a no or if you don’t like them, put I don’t like them in the comments.  If you don’t want to, then that is fine.

I am going to go to a baby shower tomorrow.  We will play games and eat lots of yummy food.  We made deviled eggs with my grandma. 

And remember, always be cool!

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M, age 6]