Low-Key Birthdays

Two weekends in a row we celebrated Miss M’s birthday. One Saturday for the family, the next for friends. We had the family party here. I do not decorate a lot or try to spend a lot of money for birthday parties. Although I enjoy looking at the gorgeous photos that people post from their children’s parties, that is not me. Case in point, here is a photo from Miss M’s family party:

As you can see, our decorations consisted of one “Happy Birthday” sign (purchased from the Dollar Store about three birthdays ago) and one Party City balloon with the word “Rock” on both sides and a picture of a guitar on one, and a skull and crossbones on the other. Yep. Keeping it classy. Miss M picked out the balloon. It is our one extravagance for their family party.

We served pizza (takeout/Aurelio’s), soda (to be poured by yourself from the 2 liter bottles in the fridge), salad (freshly prepared by J) and dessert. J and M made an awesome Kit-Kat Cake that turned out so good:

Doesn’t that look fancy? It is really SO easy! Miss M enjoyed putting the M and M’s on top.

So there you have it. Low-key decorating/partying on the cheap. In our family (and I am sure in yours as well) our focus is on the gathering of people to celebrate another’s day of birth. I try to keep that in my focus and not get too consumed by having a perfect house with lots of decorations. I appreciate it when others do it but for me this is enough. And that is all good.

How do you do birthdays? I will talk about Miss M’s kid party soon.

How I love birthday parties by Miss M

We are going to a birthday party right now, in a couple of minutes.  I just have a quick thing to say.  We are going to have lots of lots of fun at the birthday party.  The birthday party is going to be fun.  It’s for my cousin, Kendall.  We will probably eat cake and talk and watch tv and lots of stuff.  And I will have lots of fun till the end.  Well, I don’t have much time so see you later.
Bye, Bye!
moo to you   love mmk.
wow  you  are  a   star.
a said to  y  you  are so  far  away.

(Last three lines typed by M)
[The rest dictated to AEK]