It’s the Birthday Queen’s Birthday!

No, that is not me.  It is my awesome sister, Mimi.  Today is her birthday!  She is THE birthday queen.  So I wanted to dedicate my little corner of the internets to her today.  She is my big sister and I love her sooooo much.  She is an awesome woman, friend, sister, daughter, wife, and especially, mother!  
Side note: I was given my name by my sister.  She is 9 1/2 years older than me and my parents had decided to let her name me if I was a girl.  I am so thankful I turned out to be a girl, because if I was a boy they were going to let my then 7 year old brother name me….it wouldn’t have been pretty.  Love ya, Mim!

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  1. Happy Birthday Mimi!! My aunt let her other two children name her third, a girl. Her daughter picked the first name and her son picked the middle. The result? LeAnn Willy. Not kidding. Where is the veto?

  2. Thanks Angie! You are the best! Your tribute to me really touches my heart. I love you soooo much and I am so blessed to call you my sister and best friend! I, too, am glad you were born you…introducing you as my brother, Kung Fu would have been a little awkard. This queen has been indeed blessed to be a part of the royalest family ever!!

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