Miss M’s Recipes

Lately Miss M has taken to creating “recipes.”  She creates them by going into the cupboards and taking items out and writing down their names on a piece of paper.  Some creative creations have involved chocolate chips, eggs, maple syrup and hellmann’s mayonnaise.  Yum.  She is really showing some pre-reading skills and is loving to practice writing.  In fact, today she made Baby C an Alphabet book where in she wrote the letters of the alphabet on a sheet of paper that she had folded into a “book.”  It is so neat to see her develop these skills.  We are excited for the day when the wheels will click and she will be reading.  Once she does, watch out!
Here’s video that Miss M had me film of her today talking about one of her recipes.  It is a rough cut but you get the general idea.  So introducing the future cooking star…

M’s recipe from Jamie Kelly on Vimeo.


  1. Too cute! Similar to a certain little boy i know and when he started reading all our tricks and codes when right out the window! Get ready now!

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