Someday I will feel pretty again…

are the words I said to my husband a couple of nights ago before I went to bed.  This week has been a long one.  First Miss M had pink eye plus a hacking cough that makes her sound like she smokes a pack a day.  Then C has a runny nose that is like a non stop faucet and screams every time you even go for a kleenex to wipe her face.  Finally after Miss M’s pink eye was all better, guess who got it next?  Yep, the queen.  Whippee!  I was being so extra careful in washing my hands, even to the point of being OCD and then, when her eyes seemed to be getting better…Wham!  It got me.  Of course, I have been fighting a cold the entire month of March it seems.  So it was a probably a combination of factors.  I tried to use M’s eye drops for the evening to see if it would help.  My eye was so swollen and red the following morning I worried that I had actually made it worse!  I hadn’t, but it motivated me enough to go to the doctor to get my own drops.  When I compared the two drops, mine had 10% compared to M’s 3% solution.  No wonder it didn’t make any difference.

So there I was applying my eye drops, putting on the Vicks Vapor Rub and not feeling so pretty.  Oh well. Hope springs eternal and so our good health will return…soon…I hope?

For your Friday viewing pleasure and to start the weekend on a happy note…the musical stylings of M & C!


  1. That’s the worst! Stupid kid germs! Hope you feel better very soon!!!!

  2. Stay warm & toasty!
    Get better soon…

  3. You are a Dunlap…all Dunlaps are pretty all the time

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