Halloween is SO Great! by Miss M

I went trick and treating w/my mom and my dad and my baby sister, C.  We went to lots of good houses.  I got lots of good candy.  I also went to grandma’s house.  I am mostly eating all of my candy because it tastes so good.  It is so so great.  It is the best candy EVER!  I was a cat and C was a pumpkin.  C got not too much candy because I went to more houses.  One house I got a package of peanut butter crackers.  I ate them all up!  It was so good.  Next year I really want another one of those!  When I came home, I ate one of the pieces of candy.  We made a jack of lantern with eyes that are kinda curvy and a mouth that is a circle.  And that’s all.
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[Dictated by Miss M (age 6) to AEK]

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