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Spooky and Not-So Spooky Findings

In the spirit of Halloween, below are some free printables, crafty ideas and yummy food that I have found while perusing the web via pinterest.

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Using Cookie Cutters to Carve Pumpkins
Soda Bottle Monsters
Free Printable Treat Tags
Pumpkin Pie Bites
Monster Pudding Cups
Gory Brain Cap Costume Idea

Halloween is SO Great! by Miss M

I went trick and treating w/my mom and my dad and my baby sister, C.  We went to lots of good houses.  I got lots of good candy.  I also went to grandma’s house.  I am mostly eating all of my candy because it tastes so good.  It is so so great.  It is the best candy EVER!  I was a cat and C was a pumpkin.  C got not too much candy because I went to more houses.  One house I got a package of peanut butter crackers.  I ate them all up!  It was so good.  Next year I really want another one of those!  When I came home, I ate one of the pieces of candy.  We made a jack of lantern with eyes that are kinda curvy and a mouth that is a circle.  And that’s all.
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[Dictated by Miss M (age 6) to AEK]

Halloween Weekend Fun

On our way to pick some pumpkins…yes we waited till October 30th to do this!
If you live in the Chicago suburbs, go to the Farm at the Center in Palos Park!
When we got home, Baby C took a nap while Daddy and Miss M carved up
the pumpkin!  But first you gotta remove the guts!
Getting ready to trick or treat on October 31st.  Miss M had to wait
until Baby C woke up from her nap.  It was torture!
Candy!  Baby C riding in style while her sister gets the goods.
Overall it was a great weekend filled with fun and good weather.  It was a little chilly but at least it was sunny and not raining or snowing!  Most of my childhood memories of Halloween are of trick or treating in the rain and/or with a winter coat on!  Gotta love Chicago.