9 and 18

The end of the school year is fast approaching around here (Wednesday!) and in my family some are even graduating. While M and C are just beginning their student careers (going into 3rd grade and 4-yr preschool respectively), two of my brother’s three sons are starting a new phase in theirs. Last week both my brother’s youngest and middle graduated. One from eighth grade, the other high school. As I have been thinking of them moving on to different schools, etc., it has made me reflect on the passage of time. More specifically how quickly it has passed as seen in these two young men.

I remember exactly the day my brother’s youngest graduated from preschool. It was spring of 2004 and I was pregnant with M. I actually attended his preschool graduation with his mom and grandparents (my sister-in-law and mom and step-father). Something I hadn’t done with any of my other nieces/nephews. I remember it being a cold day. The “ceremony” was in the church basement where the preschool was held. The graduates were so cute with handmade mortar boards and tassel. My sister-in-law was a bit weepy since this was her baby now moving on to the big leagues of kindergarten. I was glad to be there and imagined a time soon where my baby would be doing this as well. This was nine years ago. How can this be? I look at M now, an almost third grader and know in my heart it won’t be long for her to be like her cousin and entering high school.

My brother’s middle son was born the summer of 1995. Today, in fact, is his birthday. He turns 18. When he was born, I was almost 21. I had just returned from ┬ámy junior year at Beloit College. My junior year had been a turning point for me. During the course of one semester, I had bought my first new car and broken up a long-term yet unhealthy relationship, in that order. I had started to explore new relationships and reconnect with friends, one such being my future husband. I remember returning home in good spirits and full of hope for new beginnings. Then a new nephew arrived. He was dark-haired and long. His older brother was blond and blue eyed. Already yin and yang. He was the only one of my brother’s sons that I actually saw in the hospital. Now that baby is eighteen and about to go to St. Ambrose for his own new beginnings. Wow.

Where does the time go? I don’t know but I am blessed to be here for the ride.

Reflection and Exultation

For the past several Lenten seasons, I have given up social media. I took myself off of Facebook and Twitter and that was that. It was a good thing to do but this year I felt like it wasn’t enough. Yes, I had more time to do other things than piddle away on those websites but I was also replacing those websites with others to piddle away my time on. I was also missing out on many family photos and updates that are posted regularly on Facebook.

So this year I resolved to do something different and I did. I didn’t give anything up instead I made a resolution to get things done. Every afternoon when C would go to her room for “quiet time,” I would focus on something around the house that I had been procrastinating on and instead do it and be done with it. Some of things I did were: organize paperwork, go through the girls clothes and remove the sizes that no longer fit, call for a pickup of donated items to St. Vincent de Paul and fill up a bag to Moxie Jean to sell the girls’ “gently-used” clothes.

I felt so good when I did something that had just been waiting to get done. I would dedicate an hour to do these tasks and before I knew it, the time was up and my task was done or nearly done. Having this new way of thinking hasn’t stopped now that Lent is over and the Easter season is here. Rather it just continues on. For you see, once you start seeing all that you can do when you just say “Get ‘er done,” it. just. gets. done.

Easter 2013

Easter 2013


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