Princess Belle Barbie by Miss M

Baby C is my baby sister. She likes to pull on me. Sometimes she peeks from the other side of my bed. Baby C loves to play with some of my toys that I don’t let her play with. Because she is a baby. Babies don’t play with toys that sisters do because they are too little to play with them. But she is still the best baby that I have ever had in my life. Baby C likes to play with Dad and Dad likes to play with Baby C. Everybody that are hers are her favorites. Because babies like C don’t know that they are very smart. When she looks in the mirror she doesn’t know it is her. Because C is the baby that I like. Next time baby grows up then she will be big like me. People that C loves are Daddy, Mommy and me, Miss M. C and me, Miss M, love all the things that I like. My favorite toy is Barbie. C favorite toy is her caterpillar. I also like C because she is so sweet. I am so sweet too and all the family is so sweet too. That’s my best baby sister ever. That’s it.

[As dictated to AEK from Miss M]
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