My Favorite Seasons by Miss M

I love to play in the snow because it is so fun.  I like to make tunnels and snow angels and also, I like to go sledding.  In the summertime I like to go to the beach with my mom, my dad and my baby sister.  We like to play in the sand and make sand castles and go into the water.  At Thanksgiving time, I like to go my MaGa’s house, which is my Grandma’s house, and play in the leaves if there is any on the ground.  I like to eat a lot at Thanksgiving time!  But in November I also like to eat some hot chocolate.  This year (for Christmas) I got a Barbie Camper and an iPod, and a Darth Vader Ornament and a Pillow Pet and other things.  I also Santa ate all of our cookies and fed our carrots to his reindeer.  In autumn I dress as a kitty cat for Halloween.  And in Halloween I like to jump in the leaves when my Mommy rakes them.  And my baby sister likes to put her knees in the leaves which is very very fun.  January which is right now I got to go to a birthday party, my Aunt’s party.  We got to dance with the Kinect and eats lots and lots of birthday cake.  I like all the seasons but my favorite is October.  Because that is my birthday!  That is all.

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(Dictated to AEK by Miss M age 6)



  2. Thanks for entering my contest! I love your blog! Your pictures are great and your name is definitely memorable! 🙂 (And I love your “snotty remarks.”)

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