I love to decorate cakes! by Miss M

I was playing with my sister, C, and we were playing upstairs. And I was going on the cow which we have.
I was at Uncle Bryan’s. I had so much fun. The boys were silly but I didn’t mind because they are always goofy! And they have a swimming pool and they are very very cool because they are very very AWESOME. I ate candy and watched ALOT of TV. And I also went to see Joey play football and I got an icecream cone and it was good. When I got home I had a stuffy nose but I laid down on the bed and then that was it!

At Smithton, I went on a tractor car ride and I got my face painted with a rainbow and it was lots and lots of fun at the picnic. I went to the butterfly house with Aunt Amanda. It was fun and I got to ride the carousel. It went really fast! And I enjoyed it.
[Dictated to AEK by Miss M – age 5 1/2]

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