I love MaGa’s by Miss M

This summer, I went to my grandma’s house.  Her name is MaGa.  She is very nice.  I like to visit the kitty cats.  One’s name is Panda and one’s name is Rocky.  They are very nice.  Baby C like them.  I like going there because it is so fun.  Sometimes we go where my grandpa works.  It is called Cahokia Mounds.  They have fun stuff there and I like to press buttons.  I love museums because they are so fun to visit and you get to learn new things. 
We went to the Butterfly House.  I saw butterflies of every color.  I even saw some silly ones that looked like a man wearing a bow tie around here!  They are so fun that I love ’em.  Their colors are exciting and beautiful like rainbows, unicorns and dolphins.  I love dolphins they are so fun.  It is so fun to look at lots of colors.  I kinda imagine that I am a part of a butterfly.  One day I might study butterflies so I might be a butterfly discovery.  That would be so fun.  It is fine if I don’t make the job but that would be fun.
Thank you, please come again to Queen of the Snot Princesses.  Love, Mommy, Daddy, Baby C and Miss M.  I love you all!  You are the best!  Thank you all! XOXO

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M]


  1. I’m sure you can be whatever you set out to be! You have will power and determination – two great traits! Love, Grandma Walters

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