Exciting Caroline Sticking Up Her Hair! by Miss M

Little baby sticking up her hair.  I’m in my pajamas at Christmas time too.  C and me love presents too.  C has the cow out too and she loves her Elmo chair too.  I found this light stick that Mommy, of course, found too.  In the picture I am as cute as can be.
I like to play with my Magna Tiles, while C plays with Mommy.  When she’s sleeping, I sometimes come in the room too when it’s nighttime.  I kinda wake her up in the morning.  But if we lived on a farm, the rooster would go cockle doodle doo.  But when there is a box that she wants to go through, but then I help her too.
And that’s the end.  The end!

[Dictated by Miss M (age 5 1/2) to AEK]

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