My Favorite Princess by Miss M

I like to read Barbie books.  I like playing my magnet Barbie fashion.  I also like Baby C.  I also like the colors pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow.  I like Baby C and me to do all of things together because we are so sweet.  My favorite letters are M A and E.  My favorite show is Strawberry Shortcake.  My favorite songs are Strawbbbberry Shortcake and Old McDonald Had a Farm and Pol la la ly.  I love ice cream and a lollipop.  I like all my friends like Roo, Veronica, Joey, Grace, Josh.  I also like my other friend Grace and Joe and Tyler.  My favorite toys are Polly Pockets and Barbie.  My favorite mermaid is Barbie and the Mermaid.  That’s it.

Princess Belle by Miss M

I like Baby C. I like the picture that I picked out. One picture that I like is the one where Baby C is on top of me. And I also like Baby C and me with our favorite toys. I like Barbies and Polly Pockets. I also like hanging out with my cousins. All different kinds of things I like are hanging with my cousins at the stair railing at Aunt Mimi’s house. I also like hanging out with Daddy’s friends.

I also like the valentines I got from my friends at preschool. I like the ones with Tinkerbell and Rosata on it. I also like the picture I colored for Mommy and Daddy. A rose was on the picture.
The best part about Valentine’s Day is Hershey’s Chocolates!
I also like going swimming. I like dipping my head in the water. That’s it.
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Guest Blogger: Miss M (as dictated by her to AEK)

Princess Thumbelina by Miss M

I love my cousins. I love them because they call me different names and they are so cute!

And I like unicorns. The princess with the unicorn is named Unicorn Popia.
I like all my toys and all my favorite stuff. My also favorite thing is to play with my baby sister.
I also want to go to the planet Mars when I grow up. I like to play with my Polly Pockets and I like to listen to music. Also, I like to go to school. My most favorite thing I like is the Polly Pocket and Barbie websites.
My favorite class is Miss Mary. I like to play with the cymbals there.
I like to play with my animals. My favorite animals are Hello Kitty, Bear Bear, Elmo. My favorite princesses is Ariel. She is a stuffed animal. I like her too. I also like TinkerBell. I like my friends. I like Valentine’s Day and my mommy and daddy. My favorite songs are “We’re going out tonight” (by me) and “The Bottom of the Sea” and “The La La Song.”
I like my cousin Savannah. She likes to play with me.
And that’s it.
Guest Blogger: Miss M (dictated by her to AEK)
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