Some Chicagoland Deals for Families

Both FamilyFinds and Groupon have some terrific deals posted today that I thought I would share.

From FamilyFinds:

Half-Off Kids HairCuts at Snippets Mini-Cuts!  For $10 bucks you can get your little one a new ‘do for what would normally cost you twenty.  They have locations at Yorktown Mall in Lombard, Clyborn and Southport Avenues in Chicago and Northbrook Court in Northbrook.

From Groupon:

Half-Off Admission to Chicago History Museum!  For 7 dollars you can soak in all the history of Chicago for what would normally cost you 14!  You can purchase up to 10 tickets.  Think how much you would save (both your sanity and your money) with this deal over the summer months when your kids are asking the proverbial “what’s to do?  I’m bored!”

Save $20 at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort!  Located in Monticello, Indiana.  For $19 (normally $39.95!)  you can enjoy the rides and water park at this fun resort.  Another idea to fill up the upcoming summer months…

Have fun saving some money!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  I receive a small kickback if you participate in these deals through me.  Thanks!

How Not to Spend a Sunday Evening

Sunday night I went to the Gymboree sale in Bolingbrook that I mentioned here.  The sale started at 6:00 and I got there about 6:45 or so.  The store was packed.  It is a tiny store too.  They had all the clearance items just stacked in boxes and so you had to pick your way through them with lots and lots and lots of moms and dads.  I am sure the boxes at one point were organized by size, but not by the time I got to them.  Thankfully everyone was quite civil to one another and would even help you find a size if you said what you were looking for.

So after I did some searching I found 11 items to buy.  By 7:30pm I was in line.  I did not check out my purchases until 8:30pm.  Yep, ONE HOUR.  Fun.  They had two registers and people buying lots and lots and lots of clothes.  I mostly was looking for clothes for Miss M for next fall/winter and I think a lot of people were looking for my size as well since I didn’t find a whole lot in her size.  There was a lot of baby and newborn clothes or else clothes that I just didn’t like the style.  Even if it is on sale I am not going to buy it if it won’t get worn or I don’t want her to wear it.

While I was standing in line, J calls me and tells me that Miss M was complaining about her ear bugging her again.  She has been doing this for the past couple days.  We weren’t sure how serious it was since it didn’t appear to be a constant pain and sometimes would appear when she was looking for attention or didn’t want to do something (or so it seemed).  I told him to let her watch some tv but I probably won’t be home real soon.

When I finally arrived home at 9pm, I checked on Miss M and she was crying in her bed.  She said she had a bad dream and her ear was really bugging her.  I talked with J and we decided that we shouldn’t wait this out any longer.  I then took her to the ER while J stayed home with C (who was asleep).

Even though the ER was very busy we were seen right away and the doctor confirmed it was an ear infection in her left ear.  Since she is allergic to amoxicillin he prescribed azithromycin, which M has taken before.  The nurse also put numbing drops in her ear to dull the pain until we could get her the other medicine. After getting it, we were back home and M was back in bed by 10:40.  Not too bad.

She even went to school the next day.  I, on the other hand, was not too happy when C started to cry and wake up at 6:30.

P.S.  In case you are curious if the sale was worth it, I spent $48.64 before taxes on eleven items.  If I had paid for those same items at full retail price, I would have spent $237.45!  An 80% savings…not too shabby.

What a Deal! or Save Big Money! or…

In this week’s Target ad, you can buy one Tag Reader book and get one FREE!  But that is not the best part.

Go here and watch a video.  After you register, you will receive a $5 coupon for a Tag book.  You can even print out two if you watch the video again and give them a different e-mail address.  Your other info can be the same, just the e-mail needs to be different.

Then go to your local Target with your two coupons and pick out any two Tag books.  The second book has to be equal or lesser to the other book’s price for it to be free.  I was then able to use both of my coupons on these two books!

Here’s how my receipt looked:
1 book: $13.99
2nd book: $9.99
minus $9.99 (BOGO Free)
minus $5.00 (coupon)
minus $5.00 (coupon)
Total: $3.99 for TWO books!

Hopefully all Target stores will take both coupons.  The selection at my Target was surprisingly good, but I wouldn’t wait since the BOGO free deal ends on Wednesday.
Thanks to Baby Cheapskate and their reader Julie for early heads-up on this deal!

Who doesn’t like to save some money? Zulily!

Do you like a good deal on quality products?  If you are a person that likes stylish and unique products for the kids in your life and even yourself, then you might want to check out Zulily.
Right now, if you use coupon code BMOM10 you will get $10 off your order.  I was able to order a super cute princess pajama shirt and pant set for Miss M for just over 10 bucks and that includes shipping.
So go on over to Zulily right now!  The site will ask you to sign up but it is all free and you just have to give them your email address.

Go find yourselves some deals!