1499 is My Plane’s Number by Miss M

I like planes because they are fun. I like to go up planes and down planes too. I also like planes because they are so much fun to ride in. They are also high enough as my body.

I am going to talk about Easter now. Because I like to show my eggs. One of my eggs were jellybeans. I also got a fairy kite. I also like that Easter is so special about Easter eggs. I also like collecting Easter eggs for my sister. And look! I see one now. I will go see what it is inside. It is empty. I have just dropped it but I can reach it. You should be very careful around eggs. It is pink, my favorite color.
Quack Quack Blah Blah You are my Favorite Love
I love my sister all day long
With her friend she sings along.
I love babies so do you
You repeat me and I repeat you.
At the end she sings her day
I am echoing you do say.
That’s the end of our ruplay
And you type me and I type you.
I like Easter, so do YOU!
[Dictated to AEK by Miss M]
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  1. Anonymous says

    This reminds me that I forgot to bring your eggs to you today! I’ll try to remember tomorrow! Love, Grandma

  2. Lol!! Love it! 🙂

  3. Found your blog through twitter searching. Love your blog name! Love this post!

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