Weddings Past

My Grandparents.  Married 75 
years ago yesterday.
My Parents.  Married 48
years ago today.
Both marriages have since ended due to either the death of both spouses or in the case of my parents, the death of one.  Today we remember the love that they had for each other and are thankful for their union!


  1. Great Photos of Cherished Memories.

  2. That’s wonderful – happy anniversary to them! I love to hear about committed couples that have made it work. My parents are married 34 years now 🙂

  3. Absolutely love these pics!

  4. How wonderful that they celebrated their anniversaries on the same day! It’s so nice to look back on old family photos!

  5. I hope that I can reach this year of my marriage life… Winning moments of life.
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