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I have some news. Some of you might think it is good news, some not so good news. Here it goes: in just about two more months it will be Christmas. Say What?! Christmas! The Christmas catalogs are already starting to arrive at my house. The three year old has already mastered the refrain of “I want that” towards practically everything she sees. So along with the catalogs comes the thinking of what our Holiday Cards will look this year. We usually try to take a family picture at the local Arboretum every year and use that as the main photo on our card. This year I am thinking of looking at the designs that Shutterfly offers first and perhaps try to coordinate what we will wear to the card that we like best.

Here are some Holiday Cards that I am considering.  Let me know your thoughts: 

Blessed Tidings: I like the simplicity of this one.

Blessed Script: I really like the fonts used here.

Merry Filled Wishes: I like the simple black border.

A couple of things I have noticed as I have been searching through all of the selections of Holiday Cards is not just that I really like simple cards (and the word blessed) but also I am really liking the idea of using black and white photos this year! I think also choosing a card with little or no border takes the pressure off of matching your card to the outfits in the photo you use. Whew.

Why not take a moment and check out all that Shutterfly has to offer for your Holiday Cards needs this year? They have some great special offers going on right now. Just think what a relief it will be to at least have picked out your cards.  Remember … only two more months!

Please let me know what your favorite card is and/or what you think of my choices.

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P.S. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Shutterfly. Although I will be getting free cards out of the deal, all the opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


  1. I really like all of the cards that you have chosen! I was just thinking that the ones without the border are nice because someone could easily frame them later if they wanted to.

  2. I really like the first one. I think the black and white and the big photo are kind of awesome!

    I have not even thought about cards yet, but I did just right the names of everyone we need to shop for…so I’m getting somewhere, right?

  3. “write” not right (duh)

  4. Yours is the first Shutterfly free cards for bloggers post that I’ve seen this year. Do you have the sign up website handy?

    I marked the 2nd card as a favorite when I started to narrow down the selection last week. I’d like the first one if it didn’t cost more to mail square cards! 🙂

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