The best week ever by Miss M

Last week was the best week ever!  Because I got to drink soda, go in a hot tub with bubbles, and I got to jump in the pool, which was fun.  I went to a Children’s Museum in Indianapolis that had Barbie and Dora and it also had where you could visit like a world and you could like also see dinosaurs.  I also got to eat pizza with chocolate milk.  And I got to go to another children’s museum in Louisville.  I like the dancing thing that played a song “I like Julia” and you had to do the steps along with it.  And I went to South Carolina State Museum that had an old school house and you got to go on a choo choo train.  They also talked about slavery, which means you had to work for people very hard and you didn’t get paid or anything.  They also had a fun part where you could climb a treehouse and see stuffed animals there.

That’s it. 

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M- age 6 1/2]


  1. Anonymous says

    Glad you had such a great time! Vacations are the best:) I hope I can see you soon!!

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