Taking a Toddler to the Doctor or things I wish I didn’t have to do

Today was C’s 18 month check up at the doctor.  I dread taking C to the doctor.  She screams and cries the minute we enter the office.  Today I brought along her book Going to the Doctor by Anne Civardi and read it to her as we were waiting.  That seemed to calm her down a bit.  Then we entered the examining room.
The minute the doctor opened the door, she screamed and cried.  We couldn’t weigh her without me holding her and then subtracting my weight alone from the weight holding her.  Her measurements are, of course, not the most accurate because she wouldn’t lay down for more than a second.  She refused to sit on the examining table so I just held her.
Then came the shots.  She received two today plus a prick on the finger to test hemoglobin.  She HATES the finger prick the worst.  We managed.  She then received her shots and I swear she cries the most when the doctor puts the bandaids on!
This was all before 10 this morning.  Fun.  And we get to go back in another 3 months.  At least it wasn’t as bad (yes, it has been worse) as when I had both C and Miss M at the doctor’s office for Miss M to get her shots for kindergarten.  Miss M screamed when she received her shots, which of course set off C.  Real Fun.

For the grandmas and any one else curious, here are C’s stats:
At 18 months old, she is 32.5 inches tall (give or take an inch) and weighs 23 pounds.  From her last visit three months ago, she has grew an inch and a half and gained three pounds.  She is still tiny, but as we like to say, she is small but she is mighty!


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