After a summer hiatus, I have shaken things up in my little corner of the internets. For one, we have a name change – Queen of the Snots as opposed to the former Queen of the Snot Princesses. As my girls are getting older, I saw them liking less and less the “princess” label. I want this space to be one where I not only document their growth but mine as well. Hence the name “Queen of the Snots.” While my girls can be “snots” some times, there is also many snotty moments in my life where I am also the snot. So as my tagline suggests, I might as well own it and relish it.
I hope to post more regularly to this space than I have had been doing on the one. I now own the domain name and have it on wordpress (as opposed to formerly on blogger). With that being said, I have more invested in this and I am committed to making it a place that hopefully will be worthwhile for you to stop by and leave a comment every once in a while.

Since this is a new space, I ask that you RESUBSCRIBE via RSS feed if you had already done so on the previous site. This will ensure that you will be up to date with the latest posts. It looks like if you were an email subscriber previously than it will still work on this new site.  Let me know if this is also true for RSS subscribers.

If you are a new visitor, a special welcome to you and if you like what you see, I encourage you to subscribe through the links listed on the right as well.

Thank you!