Middle School Graduation

Me pointing to my 8th grade graduation photo.

This Saturday, I had the privilege to attend the dedication of a Science Lab at my old middle school. My former science teacher, Mr. Lis, was the honoree. I graduated from S.E. Gross twenty five years ago. I really enjoyed my middle school years. I had good friends and even better teachers that truly cared. It was especially neat for me to return there with my daughters and husband and share in this event with them.

Mr. Lis was simply one of those teachers you don’t forget. He was funny but you didn’t mess with him. He made science fun and not intimidating. He broke it down for you and earnestly wanted you to learn the materials. I think because he combined humor with thoughtfulness and grace is all the more reason he was honored on Saturday.

Since he taught for close to forty years (!) in the same building, he had many generations of students attend this event. He had many stand up during the presentation and share how Mr. Lis had touched their lives and was not forgotten. Isn’t that what we all want but especially in a profession such as teaching?

I was especially glad that this event happened while Mr. Lis is still with us. So many times we remember to honor those with a dedication such as this one after the honoree has passed. Although that is still all said and good, it is still lacking the person being there in person, receiving the homage that they so rightfully deserve.

To Mr. Lis: Thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your patience to teach middle schoolers for so many years. Thank you for your humor in phrases like “hurry up and take your time” when we would take tests.

I thank God for the blessing that is you.