Star Light, Star Bright by Miss M

I love my baby sister. She is so cute! I love flowers. I love my sister more than a peony. She makes the sound like a quacking duck. She goes “ba ba.” She is the cutest baby in the whole world, even the universe.

I like cooking with Daddy. I also LOVE chocolate chips!
My favorite princess is Barbie and the Mermaid Tale. I also like the story of the Diamond Castle. The girls in that are called Alexa and Alana. My favorite, prettiest thing in the whole world is a heart in a middle of my hand.
My sister is good, I guess.
I love Barbie Girls dot com. You should go on the website too!
Here’s my poem:
Red and yellow
Pink and Blue
These are the colors that I love you
That’s it of our ruplay
That’s the end of our play
[Dictated to AEK from Miss M (age 5 1/2)]
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