Sometimes My Life is an Abbott & Costello Skit

Today is a beautiful Spring day in Chicagoland. After eating some lunch, I asked C (M is at school) if she would like to go for a walk. She replies that she would like to go to “Grandma’s Park” in her wagon. She also decides to bring her stuffed animal, SnuffleBally and a small library book. She tells me she wants to sit in the wagon (it is a two seater Radio Flyer) on the side that is not by the handle. “I want to see you, Mommy” she says. So off we go.

It is a lovely walk. C is talking/reading her book to her doggie and I am getting some good exercise pulling her along. I think I know what she means by “Grandma’s park” (we have four parks within walking distance from our house) so I start walking towards that one. Well, as we approach the park I think is “Grandma’s Park” she starts complaining to me that this is NOT “Grandma’s Park.” Even though I thought this would be it because it is the closest to Grandma’s house, I was wrong. So I ask her where Grandma’s park is. She says it is on “Busy Street.” I am starting to get frustrated. “There is no street called ‘Busy Street!'” I reply. She starts pointing towards the other park, so off we go.

As we approach the next park, I ask her if this is Grandma’s Park. She replies yes. Hallelujah  I asked her why this is Grandma’s park. Is it because Grandma took you here once? She doesn’t really reply. A mystery. We continue walking towards the park. She then notices babies and/or toddlers at said park. As I am about to pull the wagon into the park she tells me in an anguished voice: “There are babies there. I don’t want to go here.”

So. Yeah. We finally get to “Grandma’s Park” and what do we do? We turn around and head home. Of course we do.

Just so happened to get this book at our local library this morning…


  1. But there were babies there Mom…I mean, really? How can she be expected to play with babies? 🙂

  2. This cracks me up! It reminds me of the last time that my niece and nephew came to visit and we took a trip to Haunted Trails. When we went to spend our tickets, I tried to give them half and half (which was still like 1000 tickets each). Well, my niece only wanted to buy two candies and of course, my nephew wanted something that he could only get with using his and her tickets. They both agreed to the arrangement, and then as soon as we got in the car, my niece pops in, “I don’t think it’s very fair that E got such a big toy and I only got candy….” I was ready to bang my head on the dash!

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