Snow Day(s) and Earaches

Here’s our house with about 20″ on the ground, not counting numerous snow drifts that made us truly snowed in!  No school for Miss M and no work for J!  Yay!  The only problem was….


Miss M and her ear.  She went to bed on Tuesday with it starting to bug her.  We gave her some ibuprofen (the last of the bottle) and she went to sleep.  She then woke up a couple times during the night complaining that it was really hurting her.  At one point, she told me she needed one of those Sleep Number Beds since her bed was not comfortable for her ear!  We gave her some tylenol which helped.  She rested more during the day and was even able to go for a quick sled ride with her sister.  Overall, a good day!  And we get another Snow Day today!


  1. Please tell Madeleine that I hope she gets rid of this thing that is annoying (her word) soon!

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