Sick Day

About two weeks ago I woke up feeling crummy. I had taken allergy meds. in the evening which had only helped my cold feel like it had invaded my entire body. It was a school/work day so J was already at work when I awoke and Miss M and C would have to be corralled with breakfast and getting dressed and the usual harriedness of a typical morning. Yuck.

So even though all my body wanted to do was crawl further under the covers and not come back out until MUCH later in the day, it wasn’t going to happen. I remarked later on to J that I so much wished I had a job that I could call in sick to. Again, not an option but wishful thinking.

This wasn’t my first and it won’t be my last time I am not at my 100% health-wise but it is a frustrating aspect of being a parent. The kids don’t really care that you are sick. They just want to be fed/clothed/taken to school, etc. You as a parent have no choice but continue to fulfill those needs even when you feel like you had been hit by a Mack Truck.

Granted that day was one that I could take both girls to school. So M was gone till 3 and C till 11am. After I dropped them both off at their respective schools, I came home and promptly returned to my bed for the next hour and a half till it was time to pick up C. I am thankful that I was able to have this time to rest.

You learn that early in this game called parenthood. Sleep when the baby sleeps or in my case, when the preschooler is at preschool. The laundry, the house cleaning, the other millions of things on your “to-do” list will wait. Your health is the most vital thing in helping you being the best person and thus, best parent you can be.


  1. I absolutely hate when I’m sick for that very reason! You feel terrible and feel like you’re letting everyone down. THE WORST!!

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