Puppies are Puppy Power! by Miss M

I love puppies because they are so cute!  I love them when they are little because you get to hug them and kiss them.  I love them and they are so so so very cute.  I like to pet them and hug them and also, kiss the puppies!  I like ones that are stripes, polka dot or straight.  Or a pink puppy but I have never seen a pink puppy because that is silly! Ha! HA! HA!  Puppies are very cute.  I think brown ones are cute.  I like fancy collars.  Maybe when I get older, my mommy and daddy will let me get one.  I think a good name are Valentine or Emily.  I know that Baby C could pull the puppies hair so she has to get older so that I can get one.  The puppy power of puppies!  That is my favorite.  Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!  Because I think that puppies are the best.  That’s it.

[Dictated to AEK by Miss M – age 5 1/2]


  1. Savannah asks for a puppy every night… she feels your pain Miss M!!

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