Miss M is Now Eight: An Interview

Last Saturday, October 13th, Miss M turned eight.  She is getting closer and closer to that double digit number that we won’t talk about right now since it kinda scares me. Here is my annual interview with her:

How old are you?  EIGHT!!!

What is your favorite color? Pink! Pink is my first one, purple is my second one and blue is my third one.

What is your favorite food? Brownies and Macaroni and Cheese

What is your favorite toy? I like..um..any fashion toy.

What do you mean by fashion?  You make fashion, DUH!

What do you like most about 2nd grade? When somebody yells out, like, for example, when somebody yells that somebody else has a girlfriend.  That is funny!

What is your favorite subject in school?  Art.

Why? Because we get to make cool projects.

What do you like to do at recess? Chase boys or jump rope or do something funny, cool or weird.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Movie Star!

What are you going to be for Halloween? A zombie cheerleader.

What do you like about your sister? When she says funny stuff.  Like “You big fat lady!” or “Kill Them!” or “I’m Dead.”

What is your favorite TV show? I like all.

What do you like to do after school? Go on the iPad or play with my toys.

How do you think you have changed from last year? I’m getting taller and I’m missing seven teeth.

Miss M 8


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