Like you didn’t already know..

This blog is taking a summer break.  It actually started it out as a spring break that has quickly become a summer one.  I want to do some serious revamping of the looks of this site (have you seen my header? my girls haven’t been that little since 2009!) but alas it is now summer.  Summer means Miss M is home all the time and wants to do things!  One of those things is not watch me work on this blog.

So…hang in there.  We shall return with hopefully a newer and fresher outlook and such.

In the mean time, stay cool (105 degrees today in Chicago!).



  1. Been missing you, but thankful for other social media connections. I’m having the summer blah on my blog too. If it wasn’t such as easy way to update Grandma and place to store ideas…I think I might just quit. 🙁

  2. I was JUST thinking about you this morning. I’ve missed you! Come back or I’ll come find you! That sounds very stalkerish LOL.

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