Get Thee to the Mailbox! A Tiny Prints Review

Do you still send out Christmas cards?  We do, but I have the sneaky feeling we are in the minority.  I don’t know if it is due to cost or just the fact that everyone already knows what everyone else is already doing due to Facebook or whatever, but the amount of Christmas cards that arrive in our mailbox has been on the decline for the last few years.  I also think it is a generational thing.  My mother has not seen a change in her Christmas card bounty.  Then again she is, and has always been, more popular than me.

Anyway…I do love me some Christmas cards.  Especially ones that have photos.  For this year, I have been perusing the online selections at Tiny Prints.  I love their selection this year!  I swear each year it gets better and better and thus harder for me to settle on just one card.  Here are the choices I am currently mulling over.  Perhaps you can help me choose.

I really like the overall message in this one.
I love the colors in this one.  Will go with our family photo.
How unique would this be? An ornament as a card! Too cool.
See how hard it is?  So many great choices!  I hope that more will be inspired to take the time to send out holiday greetings this year.  It means so much to get that special piece of mail that contains a hand written note and/or photo.  You never grow tired of that thrill.
Full Disclosure:  I was asked to write about Tiny Prints current holiday cards collection in exchange for 50 free cards.  This compensation, while a nice bonus, in no way influenced my opinion of their product.


  1. I wish I would’ve read this sooner. I ordered ours last night from another photo site, but I love these! It always takes me so long to choose a Christmas card!

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