Once Upon a Mattress (a review)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Princess Miss M who had to sleep on a crib mattress that had belonged to her lovely cousin, Princess Caley and her siblings.  Now the mattress was fine and sturdy since it had lasted for many many MANY years.  But it was beginning to show its age.  You see, Princess Caley is fifteen years older than Princess Miss M.  Nevertheless, Miss M slumbered with no problems for three years on said mattress.  Then her sister was born.  Princess Baby C also acquired the slumbering aid.  By this time, their mother, the Queen, had discovered the wonders of the internet and all that it can behold.  She found a website, Go Green Street,  that was having a giveaway for a crib mattress.  Oh, what joy it would be if she would win this.  Perhaps Baby C would sleep longer and more restful if this dream would come true!  So the Queen entered said contest and crossed her fingers and waited.

Then, one day, she was checking her email and behold…she had won!  Fanfare and trumpets were heard throughout the land as the good word was heard.  After a bit of a wait, the magical mattress finally appeared at the Queen’s doorstep!  Hooray!  The Queen quickly set to work at placing the new mattress into the crib and taking out the old.  She immediately could see a difference.  There were no spaces from the mattress to the crib railings.  It was a solid well-made mattress that was constructed out of coconut husks and wrapped in lambswool.  Sweet slumber would quickly come to the Princess Baby C!

Alas, many slumber filled nights have be felled the land since that joyful day and although Princess C is definitely now a fine sleeper, one can not be confident that it is because of the fine mattress.  Do not get me wrong, my lovely reader, it is a top of the line mattress and full of organic natural goodness.  High recommendations abound, but be forewarned of the cost of this piece of wonder.  That is the sad part of this tale but one the Queen did not have to pay. Hip Hip Hooray!

Side Note: When Miss M saw me downloading these pictures, she said, “Those are just pictures of a mattress.  No one is going to want to read about that!”  Is she right?…

Miss M’s Twin! A My Twinn Review.

As some of you know, I love to enter giveaways that I find online.   I have decided to start to review those products that I have been lucky enough to win.  Here is the first of a hopefully weekly series.

As part of Miss M’s present from us, she received a My Twinn doll that I had won from the Happily Domestic blog.  If you are not familiar with My Twinn, it is a doll like an American Girl doll.  The biggest difference is that My Twinn is made to look like your child!  This “magically” happens after you full out their extensive questionnaire and submit a picture of your special child.   What most impressed me about the questionnaire was how detailed it was.  It even asked if she had any freckles (how many and where) so that they could replicate.  After that is received, their artisans go to work to create a truly one of a kind doll.

Miss M on her b-day with her Twinn.

The doll takes about 4 weeks to be handcrafted and shipped to your home.  When I first opened the box, I was a bit amazed.  It was almost like looking at Miss M in the future, say when she is 8 or so.  I was impressed by the craftsmanship and detail they put into this doll.  M has a few freckles on the bridge of her nose and so does her twin!  Also, M wears a barrette on the left side of her hair.  Her twin was delivered with a ponytail and a bow on her left side as well.
C showing how big the doll is.  Almost as big as her!

The only negative thing about this doll is the cost of her clothes. She comes in one outfit (you choose from 3 or 4 options).   Of course, after receiving her doll, Miss M wanted more clothes…especially ones for herself that would match her doll.  Well, to get an outfit for both the doll and your child, it will cost over 50 bucks! To get just another outfit for the doll will cost you from twenty to thirty dollars.  A bit pricey for me for doll clothes.
Overall, if you are looking for an unique gift for that special girl in your life, then you might want to consider My Twinn.  As for the doll’s clothes,  perhaps make your own or find someone who can!
A special thanks to Happily Domestic & My Twinn for the giveway that I won!
P.S.  Check out Happily Domestic’s site today (11/4) for a special post about someone you might know…