Summer RoundUp: Top Ten Favs

Well, tomorrow it is back to the ole grind of school.  It will be a bit different this year since Miss M will now go to school all day.  She is super excited to be able to eat lunch at school.  When I told her that she will be getting milk at school you would have thought she had won the lottery.

So with school comes the end of summer as we know it.  Here is a top ten list of our favorite things we did this summer:

10. Summer Reading Program at our local library– free and with prizes!

9.  Math Club through the school district — again, free and with prizes!

8.  Visiting Museums and Historical Societies through the KDRMA Passport to Adventure with a prize if you visit seven of them.

7.  Playing on the iPad (this is mostly Miss M)

6.  Miss M spending the week at her MaGa’s with her cousin.

5.  Visiting Mumie and other family members and friends on our South Carolina driving adventure.

4.  Concerts in the park with Miss M’s maternal grandparents

3.  Going to hotels and swimming in their hotels and hot tubs (again Miss M)

2.  Swimming at our local waterpark, Cypress Cove

1.   Target! (I know not something you just do in the summer but Miss M insisted and I thought it was pretty funny).