Back to School / Teething Bites

After a full week off of school for spring break, Miss M. was back in the trenches today.  She woke up kinda groggy and complaining of a headache.  I swear the minute the girl wakes up, she runs out of bed.  Hence the headache and looking like she just ran into a wall.  She told daddy that she was excited to go back to school and I think she enjoys it once she is there, but she told me she didn’t really want to go.  I think the reason for her hesitation is because of what we did on Spring Break.

What did we do?  Absolutely NOTHING.  Miss M was quite content watching her Three’s Company when it was on.  We also had some good friends visit us one day for a play date, it was J’s birthday another day, we had a visit from the awesome Aunt Mimi yet another day and for the life of me I can’t remember what we did the last two days of the week.  All I know is that it was cold and definitely not feeling like spring.  Also, we had another thing going on…

2 year molars.  Beginning on Friday, C started to drool like the River Nile.  I have never seen so much spit come out of one child.  She has been having a runny nose since the time she was born.  (It honestly seems like it..hence the name of the blog).  But it had started to be more clear and hence another indication that fun was about to begin.  C has a very different pain tolerance than Miss M.  Meaning it is pretty much non existent.  So when she awoke from her afternoon nap on Saturday feeling warm we knew that the party was here.  The whining, always wants to be held, not wanting to eat party, that is.

We have been giving her tylenol and that has really helped.  I found some of her old teething toys today too and she has been chomping on them.  The problem with the two year molars is their location.  They are kinda far back for her really to be able to chomp on something to soothe them.  Any suggestions?

So that is what we have been up to.  We did have some 60 degree weather on the weekend but it is Chicago…it could still snow.  {shudder}

How was your Spring Break?  Please don’t reply if you went on some awesome trip or did anything that could cause feelings of jealousy, anger, etc.  (just kidding..)