Sending out My Love: A Tiny Prints Valentine Review

Do you have your kid’s valentines ready for school yet?  I love to shop the clearance section of stores when all the valentines are on discount to have them for the next year.  The problem with this strategy is that my oldest daughter’s interests tend to change at a fairly quick pace.  So even though I may have bought valentines that she loved the year I bought them, she may think they are “babyish” the next year.

So this year I have been perusing the Valentine card offerings at Tiny Print.  You may be surprised to know that Tiny Prints is more than baby announcements and Christmas cards.  They have all your holidays covered as well.  Here are some of their cute offerings for this Valentine season:

You can get the traditional…

Or the unique ones…
I love the fact that they offer all of your kid’s favorites…trains, dinosaurs, Dora, Blue’s Clues, superheroes, princesses.  You name it, Tiny Prints probably has a Valentine for it!  What is especially nice is that you can have them personalize the cards and simply hand them out in class.  This is so wonderful for the younger sect that hasn’t mastered writing their name yet!  (Also, Free Shipping on ALL Orders with Code: FREESHIP12).
I think out of the choices above, the one I would pick is the Be Mine valentine.  I love the simplicity of the message.  (I may be a tiny bit swayed by the picture of the cute girl eating the cupcake too!)  It would be neat to have a photo message card that my daughters could give out.  This factor would definitely make them unique from the standard Star Wars, etc. ones.
In case you were wondering, the Tiny Prints Valentines aren’t just for kids, either!  They also offer lovely Valentine cards to give to the sweetheart in your life..
If you order a card today (1/30) they are 99¢ each!  Simply enter the code: vday99.
Interested on how to find Tiny Prints?  They are everywhere you are on the interwebs.
Please check them out and follow then on:

Full Disclosure:  While I was asked to write to this post for free 50 classroom valentines from Tiny Prints, I freely chose to do it and the opinion here within is completely mine and mine alone.  Cause I just love their cute cards!