Three Day Weekend w/a side of disappointment

On Saturday, our local library opened up applications for their display cases near the Junior Room.  These cases are for children (age preschool-8th grade) to display a collection of their choosing and design.  There are six windows and all are in great demand.  Thus the application process.  You apply at the beginning of the year to get a window for some time frame within the year.  You don’t really apply, more like you give them a piece of paper that has your info on it and if you get that paper in before all the slots fill then you get a window.  Miss M and I were at the library around 9:50 a.m. (the library opens at 9)  and as we approached the librarian we asked, “are we too late?”  “Yes.  We closed the applications at 9:40 a.m.”  10 MINUTES!  We missed the cut off by 10 minutes.  Total Bummer.  I had already prepared Miss M that we might be too late so she took it well.  It was still a disappointment.   Better luck next year and next year, I’m camping out!  (not really)

Then, on Monday, both J and Miss M had the day off due to Martin Luther King Day. We decided to go to the awesome Museum of Science and Industry and try to get there close to the time they opened, which is 9:30am.  We got there at 9:40 or so and already it was crowded.  Turns out it was a free day.  No school plus free day plus crummy weather equals a lot of people I am going to want to bite if they get too close to me.  We didn’t realize it was a free day until we were there.  One of our motivations for going there was to see the awesome (or so we had heard) Jim Henson exhibit.  As we are standing in the long line we overhear someone say that the Jim Henson exhibit is selling fast.  Then before we knew it, we saw the ticket booths quickly putting up signs reading “Jim Henson exhibit is sold out.”  This was in the first 15 minutes of the museum being open!  And that is disappointment number two.   We still had a blast and Miss M was able to see everything else on her list that she wanted.  In fact, I think mom and dad were more sad that we couldn’t see the Jim Henson exhibit than the kiddos.