I have a confession

Despite my blog’s title, Queen of the Snot PRINCESSES, my six year old does not like princesses.  So what do I do?  Should I drop the princesses and just call it, Queen of the Snot?  I’m not so sure about that.

When I started this blog, Miss M. was all about the princesses.  If you go back and look at her “Musings” she would have me write story after story after story about those gosh darn ladies in waiting.  Then this past summer we moved.  Suddenly princesses weren’t the be all to end all.  Something new had moved with us..

Star Wars.  This girl is CRAZY for Star Wars.  She loves everything and knows everything about the story and can tell you what happened in each movie.  The funny thing?  She has never seen the movies and doesn’t really want to.  She knows everything she knows from the fine pages of a book.  Love that!  She can argue with you the minute details of who was in what scene in which movie solely based on what she has read or listened to.

What about C?  She is still too little to start getting on the princess bandwagon and I am not one to put her on that particular cart.  I have a feeling that if her sister continues down this path of Star Wars admiration then C has little to no chance of not joining big sis.  Take in point two things that recently occurred.  One, C was looking at one of Miss M’s Star Wars books that shows all the characters from the movies.  C sees a picture of the Ewoks.  She starts kissing them.  The other thing that happened was during a recent trip to Target.  We went down the kids bedding aisle and saw some Star Wars stuff.  C sees a pillow in the shape of the famous little guy that we all loved but were kinda scared of (or was that just me?) and says…Yoda.  J and I looked at each other and just shook our heads….

Perhaps a better name for this blog would be Queen of the Jedi???

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