C and the elevator

Here’s what happened today.  While I was checking out our library books, Miss M and C were playing with some toys within eyesight but are also close to the elevators.  I usually bring C in our stroller but today it wasn’t in our car for some reason.  Anyway, as I was checking out the books, a boy probably about 10 years old or so went to get onto the elevator.  The elevator doors open, he goes on and…so does C!  I heard Miss M say “No C!” which made me run to the elevator quick.  I got there just as the doors were starting to close and see C standing next to this strange boy with a big smile on her face!  I managed to stick my foot in between the closing doors but the doors did not reopen!  I then asked the boy to press 1 (the floor we were on) and he did.  The doors then opened completely and I grabbed C.  She didn’t cry at all.

Crazy!  How was your day?


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  2. that little dare devil!! I would have been freaking out! Glad you got her out…and your foot too 🙂 can’t wait to see you guys later today! safe travels!

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