Blanket Kid

This is C’s stripe blanket.  I bought it at a garage sale when I was pregnant with Miss M and didn’t know the sex.  C is an attachment kind of gal.  On this particular day she wanted her “striped blanket” by her.  I had no clue what she meant.  The tears flew.  Tantrum ensued.  I brought her another striped blanket (not remembering that her blue blanket has stripes too).  This added to her anguish.  I told her to come and show me where the striped blanket was.  She quickly got up and lead me to her room.  There was her blue blanket and boy was she relieved.  She wanted to use it to build a fort with her sister.  It isn’t big enough for that job so she found another use for it..on her head.


  1. Awww!! Sweet little C 🙂 My kids have never been attached to anything except my boobs LOL! (believe me, I tried!) Isn’t it funny how kids know exactly what they want at this young age? Lucy is 13 months old and starting to get opinionated too.

  2. Cute pictures! What is with kids and blankets? My kids have all attached to certain blankets and if I don’t know which they want, tantrums happen, lol. It’s funny when they then take you to it as well.

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