So this past weekend, Miss M learned to ride a 2 wheel bike all by herself!  She tried it for the first time this Saturday and by Sunday she was going to the park with no problem!  I am so proud of her.  It took me a looooong time to learn to ride a bike and I had many accidents along the way.  One quite memorable and especially painful one was when I accidentally fell into the thorn bush that was in front of our church.  I was just learning to ride and was just starting to get the hang of balancing and then I fell.  Needless to say that pushed me back a bit in my desire to learn to ride.  To this day I am not one to really ride my bike that much.  I really hope M doesn’t have any bad falls like me or if she does she will have the tenacity to get back on and keep on riding.

What about Baby C, you ask?  Well, she learned to do peek a boo! all by herself!  She is fully on table food now and can literally eat us all under the table.  Not walking on her own yet but that will come.  She is a super fast crawler so that is all she needs right now.

Between M learning to ride and C learning to walk, my husband and my backs are definitely not what they used to be!

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