A Week of Firsts

Curious?  Here’s what has happened in our corner of the world:
* C had her very first haircut!  I was so nervous that she was going to scream at the stylist, but she did great!  She sat quite still (for an almost 18 month old) and hardly made a peep.  According to her sister, it doesn’t look like she got it cut….but believe me, it looks so much better and neater!  Take a look:
*  Miss M counted to 100 for the first time all by herself!  This is quite an accomplishment and something that she has been trying to master for sometime.  She is now working on adding up numbers in her head.  This is all her doing…
*  We met with Miss M’s fabulous kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Sombeck, this week for our first parent-teacher conference.  She said that Miss M is doing splendid and a joy in class.
*  From their aunt and uncle, the girls received a box of Scooby-Doo tattoos… C saw her sister getting one put on her arm and she of course had to have one too! 

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