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For Christmas I asked for and received the book/journal One Line a Day: A Five year Memory Book.  I have always wanted to keep a journal, but with two little ones it is has always been a good idea but never fulfilled.  Well, last year I saw the One Line a Day book somewhere and thought that this might be something I could handle.  You see, you don’t get much space to write…only about 5 small lines or so.  The really cool thing about this journal is that there is space on each page for five years!  The top of a page lists the date and then on the side is spaces for five years.  You fill in the year and your entry.  I think this will be neat way to see how many different things we do on a particular day over the course of five years.
The really neat thing about this is that I feel like I am doing a better job at documenting my children’s childhoods than I ever have before.  Both of the girls have “baby books” but only Miss M’s is filled up to about 3 years or so.  Little C’s book is an utter disgrace.  I was supposed to write in it every month up until she turned a year.  Um, yeah, that didn’t happen.  I think I have it filled until she was maybe 5 months.  Sad.  Of course, I could try to go and fill it in but I would really be lying and fudging on things that I honestly do not remember when they happened.  This little book (and did I mention that it is indeed small?!) helps to solve this problem.  I write in it every night before I go to bed.  Sometimes I will write down something funny Miss M said or something new that Little C did but for the most part I just document the events of the day, kinda like my Granny did all those years ago.

I encourage new parents and not so new parents to get one of these books or start one of your own.  You will be providing not just your children a gift for the future but also their children and their children….

I didn’t receive anything for writing about this book…just wanted to share a great product!


  1. Journals..I never really felt much able to do that kind of work. yet, here I am writing online. Thank you for sharing that link to Tillystales. That is absolutely wonderful and really nice to have those memories. Thanks for inspiring me. I think might get something like that–one line a day journals.

    Thanks so much for entering into my giveaway! I enjoyed reading who that special person in your life is and why! I cannot but just say “i love you” to my husband Andy and yet still feel short of how much I appreciate him!

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